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The $100 studio

April 12, 2016 / no comments, on Blog

We are going to talk about setting up a recording studio with a $100 recording studio package,up to $1,000. We will do a quick Studio setup at the $100 mark and then we’ll into more details as we move on to $300 , $500, and then begin the customize packages at $750 and $1000.


With all of the of options, we are going to assume that you have a laptop/computer and a pair of headphones. All laptops and computers will have an integrated audio card. It might not be the best quality in the world but if you want to start recording, for free even, you can just download the NEW Pro Tools ONE or Audacity, and use your line input and headphone out.

$100 recording studio. PreSonus AudioBox iOne
Let’s go ahead and get an audio interface and your software in this bundle.

$300 recording studio. PreSonus AudioBox USB Music Creation Suite
This is basically EVERYTHING you need to get started recording and creating music. I am not fully trying to promote Presonus, but it’s where I started, and they seem to have great value for the beginner or expert.
Midi Keyboard
Mics –

$500 recording studio. Home Recording Studio Bundle
This is a little more all inclusive package than the $300 package, as it included Monitors, but lacks the midi keyboard.
Monitors –

$750 recording studio. Now at $750, you can start adding pre-amps, and upgrading the items in the above packages to customize your own bundle
ADD-Preamp golden age Mic Pre 250 added to above package

$1000 recording studio.
ADD/CHANGE Monitors  replacing old monitors with KRK

$2000 recording studio.Add another nice preamp and nice microphone and from here on you just start building on additional channels if needed.

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