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CAD M179 Microphone

March 3, 2016 / no comments, on Blog

We all are looking for that next mic that will get plenty of use in the studio. For home recording studios you cant beat the CAD M179 microphone. Its is one of the most versatile budget mics out there. The CAD line of microphones, in general, is pretty good. Let’s see what the M179 has to offer…
cadIf you are recording vocals, throw the CAD M179 through a nice transformer based preamp, and BAM!, your off to a good sounding track. Even without a nice pre it still shines. This CAD mic is pretty neutral, meaning that it does not add a lot of color, but it is not harsh sounding either. When recording vocals you can play with the features of this mic, the 5 polar patterns, the high pass, and the attenuation pad for loud vocalists. The noise floor of this mic is even lower than that of it’s more costly big brother the AKG C414, which is in almost every studio in the world.

Although the M179 seems to be very versatile on the studio, I have found one place that it gets used in almost every session, on the TOMS. This mic is no brainer for a tom mic. Set the polar pattern to hypercardioid, turn on the attenuation pad, and man….its perfect! You wouldn’t believe how great it sounds. I am a drummer and have been recording drums for close to 15 years, and we all know the Sennheiser MD421 is pretty standard, but I have preferred the M179 over the 421 most days…well now always. The M179 also gets used on the snare drum a good bit too.

All in all you cant go wrong with having 1 to 4 of these in your mic collection. I have had success recording practices with just one of these mics in the figure 8 pattern sitting in the middle of the room, which is what I do when tracking guitar cabs sometimes as well. With the continuously variable polar pattern, I know you can find a use for it.

Have any questions or comments…feel free to post them below. THANKS!

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