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Choosing Monitors

May 19, 2016 / no comments, on Blog

When you are setting up your studio, one of your first purchases will be a good set of monitors. Choosing monitors can make or break your tracking and mixing capabilities. In my opinion, this is way more important than the audio interface itself. Most interfaces of today do not really “color” the sound. The studio monitors, on the other hand, are a different story.


When I first started recording, I went through numerous monitors. I made a countess number of cd’s, and spent more time on going back and forth to the car to listen, only to find that my mixes were horrible. Some of this was because I was a newbie and had yet to train my ears, which is key. But little did I know that my monitors were the biggest issue.

What I found was that most monitors were not true to the original sound, but actually made almost all music that was playing through them sound great. I always had crisp, clear music, but when I went to the car stereo, where most of us take in music casually, it was muddy and flat. I went through having 3 different monitoring setups in my studio so I could A/B between monitors. This helped me realize the frequencies that one pair of monitors lacked or boosted, but it was a real time consumer.


Introducing the KRK Rokit 5. When I first listened to my old mixes on my new KRK’s, the mix was muddy, flat, and basically how I heard it on my stereo or in my car…THEY DONT LIE!! That is why choosing monitors is key. It took me a few months to learn to mix on them properly. I could not make anything sound like the way I had it pictured in my head. But once I did get my mixes dialed in, I was done. I still do the car stereo test for final mixes and mastering tests, but who doesn’t?

I now mix with KRK’s Rokit5 and Mackie HR824 monitors. I have no issues wasting my time on EQ and Compression issues. I still have to find the sweet spot for vocals on music that doesn’t like to have the vocals up front by A/B’ing to other monitors, but other than that they have saved me countless hours in the studio.

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