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A little about me…


My name is Donald. I am a drummer in many bands, and I also write, record, produce, etc.
There are a million people just like me out there. I started by recording to a 2 track at a time 4 track tape machine, then went straight into PC recording.
Well a lot has changed since the late 90’s. I now have a full analog recording studio, New Coast Audio, which can operate as a full digital studio as well. But why go one way or the other?
I have found a happy medium of mixing the analog and digital worlds.

So…I decided to try to make a website that has all the important things that you need to start making music. I will be writing about the things that I learned while sourcing audio gear for the studio as well as what I have learned while recording, mixing, and mastering other artists in the studio. We will be showcasing the best of the budget items as well as some top of the line items. Make no mistake, you can search through the web and find all types of DEALS or STEALS, but you may be buying junk. There are many products out there that stand up to the top of the line products any day. Some need fine tuning or modification, and some play great straight out of the box.

Our goal is to find the best deals on products that you can trust, using our affiliates, and post them here.
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