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Top Recording Blogs

April 14, 2016 / no comments, on Blog

No matter if you are a newbie or a pro, we all can always stand to learn a little more. This is a quick rundown of the Top Recording blogs and websites that I have come across. All of these blogs are active and provide great reading material for audio enthusiasts. Here are my top 5 blogs for audio recording.

1 Recording Excellence A great blog with current topics for all things recording.  He has a mailing lists and you can get updates as they are published (same goes for this site and most blogs). Scott Hawksworth is the owner and he seems like he has the passion needed to keeps up with the times.

2. Home Brew Audio Another great one with audio tips and tricks for all types of DAW’s. Very easy to read material and includes gear reviews as well.

3. Modern Mixing I am promoting this site as I believe that mixing is sort of a lost art that we tend to overlook due to the increase in quality and sounds available in this digital era.  To me mixing is the most fun part or recording.

4. Reverb I listed Reverb bc its a great place to source your gear. From a startup studio to diving into a nice preamp collection, this site rocks!

5. Home recording Made Easy The name says it all. If you have asked yourself a question about recording, its probably been covered here

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